The God That Hates

As the old saying goes, “God is love”.

But if you believe your god hates sin, what does that say about your god?

Good = god, Bad = devil

good-god-evil-devilIf we could for a moment contemplate that the mental construct of god is the aspiration of the human mind to personify positive emotion and behavior. The devil would be the opposite of this idealization as the negative and destructive quality that if left unchecked or controlled would wreak chaos in our lives. These view points validate one another’s existence to provide balance to the universe.

But this is not what appears to be the case in religion, what follows is a brief overview…

God also judges mankind and can meter out punishment in accordance to the negativity spread by the individual since that interferes with all the good vibes God desires for us. Evidently God and the Devil worked out a plan in which the devil takes God’s judgement and administers this made to order torture that is deliciously ironic as to make the individual suffer usually without end which is called eternity.

This all takes place however on a plane of existence that people in their mortal form cannot and should not be able to detect with any kind of observation or repeatable proof. If they could then the whole point of the universe would not continue as people must according to God will be able to believe whatever is told to them as long as it comes from God.Jesus-grilled-cheese

God may choose to send this communication in the form of selfies of his son, the girl he knocked up or one of his angels. These metaphysical wall posts can take the shape of burnt toast, potato chips, or clouds over hospitals in imagery that only the people that are especially good can see and recognize.

These veeeery special people then have the obligation from God to inform the rest of us about whatever this communication is all about. It could be that God doesn’t like what someone else is doing which is causing problems that most of us didn’t realize was even happening except for this very special person, that God told. Most times however it involves donating material things to the cause of God as outlined by this very special person to either stop the offending person or make preparations when this person gets here and starts causing the trouble.

creepy-uncleGod loves us like an overindulgent parent or that uncle that takes telling bible stories a bit to far. Mostly God wants to makes sure we are all comfortable and well taken care of in the guidance that God through this very special person allow us to decide for ourselves within the limits of what the very special person tells us is good according to God.

They call this free will but the subscription price requires you to accept what you are told without really bothering to question. Unsubscribers to your particular free will are usually the first that God tells the special person need to be sent back to judgement so they can be “saved”. But it’s ok because God, through his special person will make sure you won’t be bothered too much.

Unfortunately a lot of times the very special person gets off track probably does some things that God doesn’t like so God stops communicating with that person and chooses someone else to let the rest of us know that the first person really isn’t representing him anymore.

MPLOB-stoningIn the old days, it was suggested that we should put the offender to death so God and the Devil can work their special brand of magic on that person and restore balance and harmony to the universe that this person upset.

So God which is the creator and de fact o caretaker of everything good as well as everything bad in the universe. However he gets pretty miffed at having to find new people to talk to about what others are doing wrong. In this sense, God is a bit of an introvert and can only relate to a select few of us.

So God hates.

sin-hrumphThis would seem to be an easy concept for everyone to understand except for the part where it can’t be proven except for the very special person telling us all this. Oddly enough if it was provable then it would take all the fun out of the universe in guessing just who God is talking through currently.

This concept of linking hate and love seems like a contradiction but that’s only because it is.

Here are some explanations from our apologetic friends about how god loves us so much he is obligated to punish us.


God hates sin because it is contrary to his perfect and holy nature. It is impossible for God to do anything wrong.

God hates sin because it is the very antithesis of His nature.

God hates sin so much. It stops THE BLESSING from functioning.

Some say that we should say that God only hates the sin but loves the sinner. But, the scriptures speak contrary to that.

We in the church have failed to remind this generation that while God is love, He also has the capacity to hate. He hates sin, and He will judge it.


Why should man project hate onto this archetype of compassion? While hate is a common human emotion to equate that quality to the divine source upon which you turn to alleviate such emotion is contrary to the purpose.

source: Salvation-for-dummiesMaybe the purpose then is not to alleviate negative emotion but to sanctify persecution. For a god that hates is easier to understand by humans that do the same.

Applying the analogy of parent and child to divine grace whereas the parent is obligated to discipline their child for their own good uses poor reasoning. Adults are not children in any sense as we have achieved that maturity that we have evolved over countless generations. To believe one can regress into a metaphysical state of innocence abdicates personal responsibility for their actions in favor of divine responsibility.

source: unknownIf we are given true free will then why would we be punished for using that will in whatever way we feel is necessary? Why condemn your child for using the actualized consciousness you created for them? Why interfere when the point of free will was to make them capable of making their own choices and accepting the consequences?

god-said-noIf this divine overseer existed why would it allow millions to be raped, murdered or even butchered in it’s name. Where is all the outrage from this divinity that dooms souls to everlasting torment for not accepting it’s will? Where is the concern when something could actually be done to prevent suffering of the innocent? Why would god create a universe it could only control as interpreted through fallible humans?

Why be such an introvert?

To quote Sam Harris “Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes like this, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. God is either impotent, evil, or imaginary.”

If god is not a higher standard of behavior we can aspire to then what good is that god? It would appear then that this divinity is not capable of leading by example but only through threat, intimidation, and condemnation.

How human god appears after all.

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