Another End of World Payday

Christian numerologist David Meade (not his real name by the way) is once again claiming the world will end. If you missed Armageddon before there’s a simple reason for that, it didn’t happen.

Mr. Meade (not his real name) has used the ultimate in analysis techniques of Bible verses by something he calls “codes” to finally correct the problems from all his other previous predictions when he said the world would end. That would be those times from last September, then October, then November, and once again in March of this year.

But lest you think this is just one man’s use of PR stunts and social media savvy to sell books and other paraphernalia to gullible sky worshipers. Don’t worry because he’s really, really confident this time it’s for real. You can believe in that just like you can believe in a 6,000 year old Earth and Hitler escaped to Argentina.

In some spurious connection between people floating up to heaven and a moon sized rogue planet setting off all volcanoes, his claim is once again centered around a certain alignment of stars, a mythical planet called Nibiru and one man’s desperate, some might even say pathetic need for attention.

Now with a third, strike that FIFTH time time being the charm, the next date he’s telling those who are still listening will be April 23, 2018. Leaving all us scrambling to come up with new anecdotes and sarcastic comments which we didn’t use from all those other times the world didn’t end.

However, even Christians are starting to admit that this whole thing is kinda making them look silly and THAT is saying quite a lot coming from them.

But our point in mocking this should not be to laugh at yet another misuse of the incredible power of the information age but to examine how something like this contributes to overpowering the conversations we should be having. Maybe not this one instance but over time the impact of this buffoonery is very real.

Ask yourself, why does he connect his prophecy with the Christian Rapture? It’s so those who believe in iron age ramblings will be attracted to his message. Why does he connect it with Planet X? It’s so tin foil hat NASA conspiracy theorists will do the same. Mr. Meade knows these people will panic click the stupidity he’s selling them and swim with delight like Scrooge McDuck in a vault of Bitcoins. He also knows we are laughing at him.

People like Meade (not his real name) and other conspiracy doomsayers distract us from real conversations about actual planetary doom by playing off our melodramatic Hollywood disaster movie mentality programmed over the decades. Their overpowering voices of lunacy based on subjective knowledge like religion should not be given preferential or equal treatment over those voices telling us the Pacific Ocean has a floating garbage patch the size of Texas  and the Atlantic Ocean current is slowing.

If we can’t yell fire in a crowded movie house then why should these people be given purchase to fill our wall feeds with apocalypse porn that allows paid conservative think paid “experts” to claim science is just another belief. He and his YouTube spewing conspiracy selling ilk do more lasting damage to us all than just being a harmless kooks. They purposely derail the possibility of coming to a consensus on what separates fact from fiction to continue padding their ledgers.

He illustrates the world the internet has become by allowing  monetization, infotainment and the capitalist paradigm to push irresponsible claims in front of our faces in the name of free speech. It’s easier to shake our heads at the next piece of click bait and shrug our shoulders than act against a deck that is stacked against us. Free speech is sacred to an open society but it also shouldn’t be used as an excuse to overshadow the voices telling us the movie house is actually burning because it offends the sincere belief of a few.

Not sharing these articles of fake news even as a joke will help but demanding the publishers of this continued assault on our combined intelligence be replaced would be better. Demanding responsible journalism with real enforceable ethical standards that aren’t based on marketing strategies might make a difference. Voting for representatives that will craft new kinds of fairness doctrines instead of hiding behind Super PAC paid experts to contradict real science might make things change.

Our question to Mr. Meade (whatever his real name is) shouldn’t be when the world will end but when will he use his intellect in ways that help humanity and not just his book sales. If he can’t do that he could do more good by putting on some sack cloth and wandering 5th Avenue carrying an End is Near sign while ringing a bell.

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