Those Dirty Foreigners…

“The illegals aren’t here to become Americans or because they love our way of life…”

“but they are illegal. We are overran here.”

“Stop bringing you families here illegally!

“It’s just a matter of time we will be a country filled with under educated and dependent people…”

These tragic comments collected from Americans who believe they are protecting their own national interests. But instead they are turning their backs on the one thing that differentiates America from most other nations.


There is also a passive aggressive racism in these statements that characterizes fellow humans as something inferior. Strangers become stereotypes that can easily be dismissed from conscious empathy. This modern form of nativism disguised in the legality of the the situation provides the argument that non natives will bring disease or anarchy into the stability of the nation. Where are the roots of such xenophobia?

god-in-heavenIt could come from the major religious belief that perpetuates the master and slave mentality in exchange for eternal life. The feudal model of the lord and his castle of heaven as an enslavement fantasy playing on the desire for freedom. The promise of adherence to belief is that you could attain freedom through a pact with the divine called grace. A tenuous concept for justification imparting the favored status of the adherent. As the “chosen”.

But to attain this spiritual grace your mind must apply concepts like king, lord, or ruler, subject, and vassal to everyday life which then impacts social behavior. This wish fulfillment of having your own kingdom entails servants, peasants, serfs, or whatever you choose to call them. Others who are unbelievers are untermenschen as the Germans at one time put it deserving of “protection” at best or flat out slavery or extermination.

This grace protects against the outsider which is a primeval psychological construct based on survival mentalities of our ancestors. This psychological outlook may be instinctual but only serves the uncivilized nature of man and deeper fears of the unknown. It interferes and obstructs the ability to develop coherent policies to allow inclusionary practices like immigration and naturalization.

Immigration is not a liability but has always been America’s greatest asset. The more people who believe in it’s ideals of liberty and justice for all, the stronger it becomes as a nation.We have seen time and time the level of prosperity rise with waves of immigrants and the entrepreneurs they bring.

In a way this is a game of numbers as whichever ideology gathers the most supporters gains dominance. That dominance when achieved by regressive imperialism which depletes resources of material, time, and most importantly people. It also raises the need to maintain that security by force of arms. Reason on the other hand levels the force of arms to the intellectual or compassionate level in which logic and compromise provides loyalty therefore reducing the need to police the populace or intimidate them into compliance.

To prevent imperialism it is important to identify leaders that broadcast fear and hate in the guise of national interest. Nefarious but necessary evils that strip away human rights while crushing the less fortunate under heel of aggression for security of our “homeland“.

Side note: Using the word “land” in referring to a nation or group usually indicates an imperialist mindset that is at play. Please refer to examples of “Motherland” and “Fatherland” as propagandist indicators of a political and social stratification being applied.

Injustice and suffering has a long memory and passes through the generations. Those who we refuse or persecute today pass that pain onto their children and the cycle repeats until this false sense of superiority degenerates into a societal decadence leading it into the footnotes of history.

This is our time, this is our test, and our only real weapons are our reason, our compassion and our humanity.Strangers


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