Who Wants To Live Forever

So if you could live forever as in a post-mortal afterlife, what would you do with it? Here’s a few thoughts on the possibilities available from the folks who claim to have the answers.

Tmetaphysical-touristhe Metaphysical Tourist

So we become a spiritual traveller without the burden of luggage. The ghost without the shell as it were. All the benefits of voyeurism without any risk. Travel is instantaneous to anywhere so we can solve the riddle of extraterrestrial life. What does the universe really look like? Does the Queen really snore in her sleep?

But then what happens after all that unknowable becomes known or at least knowing the unknowable becomes so commonplace as to be boring? But maybe since it is infinity there is no knowable end to the experience.

It’s easy to see the wish fulfillment behind this belief system and the hope that adherents have to this idea is the concept they will be transcendent to the physical plane and perhaps obtain some enhanced control over the universe.

You can include cults like Ashtar, Heaven’s Gate, and Scientology in this category as astral projection is a basic tenant of the belief along but true to any religion there is usually some alien guide that needs some earth cash, and quickly.

Wash, Rinse, Reincarnate.

Reincarnation is the idea of recycling your spirit energy into another mortal life to gain greater experience. This experience builds up into a critical mass of enlightenment and you evolve into a higher consciousness of reality. What is this higher consciousness?

Conveniently no one really knows or can know since understanding it would put you on the other side of the enlightenment divide. One thing that is believed is that it breaks the cycle of reincarnation so you become “egoless”. See Returning to the Source below.

But true to any religion there is a punishment factor.

Your karma or the psychic build up of your earthly actions. These can either take you up or down the reincarnation spectrum. This judgement is rather automatic without any real consciousness addressing you other than the whole unified sentience of the universe that you are a part of as well.

There are all kinds of disciplines to align your energy centers or chakra to improve the flow of your “life force” but it becomes a convoluted understanding of desire, abstinence, and suffering.  In many ways these belief system’s devotion to defining it’s path to enlightenment proves to be one of it’s greatest failings. It unfortunately becomes mired in the dogma and tradition just as any religion to the point of being distant and aloof.

All in all this idea does provide a solid basis for self determination and responsibility but still maintains the cloak of superstition that blocks access to a rational understanding. Putting oneself in the larger context of multiple lives may prove to be just as hindering as the promise of an afterlife.

With so many chances for do overs it provides yet another excuse to procrastinate even in the face of karmic retribution.

The Heavenly Paradise

heavenMan, get ready cause Heaven is the shiz-net! This version of afterlife sounds pretty sweet as it is the total wish fulfillment of Fantasy Island coupled with immortality of Highlander thrown in as the bonus. This is cosmic party central where the righteous and faithful get everything they ever wanted as the payoff for all that earthly denial.

With the Christians it’s mostly about having your audience with the creator to talk about how awesome you think God is. God seems to appreciate this and then lets you pal around with his Angels for a while. But this is just a warm up to the second and less publicized judgement that occurs at the ”End of Time” or “Rapture 2: God Kicks Ass”.

Evidently, the first rapture or apocalypse was just eschatological foreplay as God gets down to the business of making the universe he intended to in the first place. But first God will need to evict all those leftover sinners who have been using that free will he gave them and somehow escaped the first “rapture-pocalypse”.Apocalypse-vasnetsov-PD-1923

For the faithful who have obediently kept their free will under guidance of the Lord’s will, they finally have their revenge for all the ridicule from those liberal perverts and high school science teachers. heaven-is-awesomeIt will serve those smarty pant eggheads right for not blindly following what everybody already knew but just couldn’t prove. Now who’s laughing Richard Dawkin’s!

All those questioning sinners will be obliterated and it will be that golden age when no one will have any pesky difference of opinions anymore. All the faithful agree that this will be really great for them as they get to spend eternity smiling uncomfortably at each other.

The Muslims on the other hand, describe their version of paradise called Jannah with great detail to include wearing fancy robes and jewelry while being served at opulent banquets of food you can eat for up to 40 years.

Why 40 years for this banquet? Hard to say but considering one day is equal to thousand earth years it sounds like you’ll be busy for a while. All this in a gold and diamond house surrounded by a garden that you never need weed or trim. Every suburban homeowners dream. While at this little swaray you can talk about the past with your friends and family providing they covered the admission charge as well.

All this pales however to the one on one that you get with the big guy himself in kind of a teen girl crush that makes your panties so wet that all the feasting and conversation pales in comparison.

No real mention of the 80 virgins but that is probably just a “given” in the wish fulfillment column.

Returning to the Source


Maybe it’s not eternal “life” per se but just that tingly feeling you get because god is so awesome and you two are so similar.

God then becomes that stalker roommate that finally gets you alone in that cabin in the woods – in this case you lose your individuality to the collective in which your consciousness melds with the god as the expression of this devotion to the faith.

mr-owl-as-godIn this case YOU have no everlasting life. It’s only the energy that your consciousness possesses that is returned to the source from which it came. The faith then prepares you for this and prevents you from screaming wildly as everything that was you is stripped away to get to your juicy metaphysical center.

So in this scenario God can be thought of as Mr. Owl in the tootsie pop commercial  – One…Two…Three…CRUNCH!

A common theme in these ideas is that one’s status in the afterlife is a reward or punishment for their conduct during the mortal life. They inevitably use wish fulfillment as the as the payoff for adherence to the religion in denial that altruism can be it’s own reward.

These philosophies become a checklist of obedience under threat of damnation or some sort of eternal punishment. These traditions hide this subjugation behind ritual and superstition to keep existing political power structures in place.

burkasUnfortunately, these power structures are modeled after the aristocratic or feudal systems. The system of authority survives in the form of “tradition” and becomes especially dangerous when fundamentalism is applied. Fundamentalist cycles produce these times of zealots who preach the true meaning of “the word” while instructing followers to sacrifice themselves in defense of rationalized irrational faith.

These cycles can be seen as a result of humanity’s basic desire to transcend this life whether it be based on fear or inspiration. This transcendence is refusal to accept of this moment as our immortality if even for a limited time.

So how have we dealt with this fear of what seems a terrible possibility that after death there is nothing afterwards. Our response becomes to deny of this unpopular yet highly provable truth about existence.

Consequently we create the need for superfluous details to distract from that horrifying inevitability in order to provide enough doubt to harbor this benign hope of another life that is better than this. But problems always arise when this distraction is challenged and the intricate veil woven over the inconvenient truth comes back into focus.

These belief systems apply allegory or tradition to important concepts such as morality into a wide range of interpretation. This might seem beneficial initially but leads to widespread confusion when everyone maintains their own version.

If everyone takes the same truth and defines their own version of it then no one can ever be wrong since they all operate from authority of the same truth.

Or we can try to live with honestly in this moment we have now and accept that forever is our today.











..Freddy and the boys made up a little song about forever, here it is

There’s no time for us
There’s no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever . . .?
Oh ooo oh
There’s no chance for us
It’s all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
Who dares to love forever
Oh oo woh, when love must die

But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
Forever is our today
Who waits forever anyway?

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