Daily Meme: August 27, 2018


Atheistic philosopher Julian Baggini stated that “there is nothing to stop atheists believing in morality, a meaning for life, or human goodness. Atheism is only intrinsically negative when it comes to belief about God. It is as capable of a positive view of other aspects of life as any other belief.” He also states that “Morality is more than possible without God, it is entirely independent of him. That means atheists are not only more than capable of leading moral lives, they may even be able to lead more moral lives than religious believers who confuse divine law and punishment with right and wrong.

One Reply to “Daily Meme: August 27, 2018”

  1. As is almost always the case with the more well-spoken anti-Christians, he starts off with something close to the truth – i.e., that Atheist can be other than nihilistic and can lead essentially moral lives – and moves onto a screed based upon his hatred of religion.

    In truth, an Atheist – unless he’s been inculcated with a Divine-based moral structure, e.g., American Christianity, has a harder time leading an objectively moral life solely because the Atheistic lacks an objective or outside moral compass and is more vulnerable to the whims of the society of his place and time.


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