Humanity’s Only Hope Is To Abandon God

America was attacked on #911 not by terrorists but by RELIGION. Osama Bin Laden’s statement was that America could not fight against those who devoted themselves to god to the point of suicide.

So with the typical “fight fire with fire” attitudes, America responded with it’s own Christian and religious fanaticism and in the process handed victory to the theists that want all to bend the knee to this fallacy of forced devotion to their made up beliefs of god, sin and judgement.

Why? Because science and reason threatens these simplistic worldviews where all must subservient to perversions of morality under guise of divine inspiration. Perversions we see time and again as children die and are scarred sexually by those who hear this “word of god”. Perversions that rise from fear.

Science and reason bridges our cultural divides with explanations and compromises based on common verifiable truths we can all deal with and accept. They assuage our unfounded fears and shed light on the real problems of existence. Seeing past the biases and superstitions which brainwash people into believing things like talking snakes and impedes their decision making.

This is why #SecularSunday and all atheist endeavors are important avenues of criticisms if our society of free thought and equity is to survive, hell it’s important just for our CHILDREN to actually survive now!

Once there were two ways to look and explain the world around us. Mythos was first and it was the method of explaining the world in relation to the workings of divine powers (a rainbow as god’s promise, etc.). This was when humanity didn’t understand how to understand the world around them and lead to atrocities such as human sacrifice in order to appease these frustrations of ignorance. Atrocities that continue to this day in the forms of faith based child abuse, religious xenophobia under the guise of “religious liberty”.

When we use Logos, we can relate to the world in rational and explainable terms that don’t require faith to understand or human sacrifice to activate. To Aristotle, logos was something more refined than the capacity to make private feelings public: it enabled the human being to perform as no other animal can; it makes it possible for him to perceive and make clear to others through reasoned discourse the difference between what is advantageous and what is harmful, between what is just and what is unjust, and between what is good and what is evil.

Abandoning these myths of divine or metaphysical entities is the only recourse to end this infinite war of whose “beliefs” are “most” true. Which is a ridiculous and unsolvable conflict due to the subjective nature of each sides position that their imaginary friend is more real or more powerful than someone else’s made up friend. Endless war awaits those who cling to their superstitions for their true opponents are not unbelievers, sinners or heretics.

It’s is their own conflict against themselves.

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