You Believers Have Convinced Me

You faithful have convinced me of your intentions through your actions and here is what it tells me…

You realize this world is headed for man made climate catastrophe but instead of recognizing it, you want to believe this as “God’s return” so you won’t need to change any of your comfortable habits.

You’ve given up on making the world a peaceful place, or even a safer place anymore instead you want a godly place where your faith can finally be unquestioned and imposed by civil law.

You’ve decided that what the rest of the world thinks doesn’t matter and only you will identify those worthy of your endorsement and magnanimous protection based on your own personal version of “truth”.

You’ve accepted that the only solution for society’s problems of violence and crime is everyone to arm themselves and to be even more violent and criminal in any response in order to deter disorder.

You’ve decided that the civil rule of law cannot protect you to an acceptable level which appears to be one of absolute zero risk from any and all threats.

You want to focus on making every encounter or argument you have to be a life or death decision.

You want to view the acts of others as intentional malice against you personally rejecting that the people around you are fallible and they will sometimes make honest mistakes.

You can only respond to threats in the most lethal way possible for you believe you cannot control threats to your person anymore and must use the extremest of prejudices.

You won’t allow yourself to be controlled either as any cooperative measure within society is surely just another conspiratorial trap to further persecute you in your persecution of others.

You follow those leaders who frame their philosophies in relation to dollars and cents instead of human life never realizing that to them you are just as expendable as anyone else. More so since you are so easily manipulated by them.

You desire the right to be enslaved so you can one day be the one who can enslave never realizing the folly of such barbarism. Never realizing it is you who are enslaved.

This has become what I expect from you now for you have demonstrated it time and again. Your pleas of innocence, sincerity and “whatabout’s” are hollow excuses to me now.

I see you embrace the cruelest of means whenever possible.

I see you gleefully revel in it. Bond with it. Praise your God for it.

According to your actions, there isn’t any further need for discussion since your faith is unshakeable and your mind is unchangeable. Evidence that doesn’t agree with your religious doctrine is wholeheartedly dismissed.

You have me totally convinced.

You have me totally convinced of what you really are.

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