Religion Is A Lifestyle Choice

We’ve all heard believers say homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice” but if anything could be truly defined as a lifestyle choice it is religion. For lifestyle by definition is the way in which a person or group lives. Religion has demonstrated it has a distinct way in which these people choose to live. “I know, because I know because I know” is their common refrain.

One is called to faith by their personal experiences that are typically indoctrinated into them at an early age in which case it is the parents who choose to impose the faith on their children. The indoctrination produces a closed circuit of self validation with little  exposure to alternate belief systems that contradict their own bias that their religion is the “right” one. After that, the faithful choose to live in a parallel world of bake sales, purity balls and prayer circles.

We can easily observe how geography plays a substantial role in determining the religion one develops. From this we can determine that religion is driven by environment factors rather than heredity. If this was false, would there be no need for the mindful acceptance of a particular faith or any need to exercise the much vaunted “free will”? Keep in mind, “free will” in relation to religion is not real freedom of independence for is more equivalent to being “free with purchase” because if you don’t use that free will to accept God then you go to hell.

FAITH: “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

Spiritual apprehension is wonderful euphemism to say “fear of God”. For it is fear of the unknown which drives this impulse to impose magical explanations for improbable events. The excuse we hear is so the subject can feel more at ease with the fact all actual verifiable evidence points to them being a mere temporary thing in the universe that is going to die.

Being “existentially challenged” like this makes some verrry uncomfortable. Having to accept all the work they put into the totally awesome person they believe themselves to be seems to be a criminal waste without their sky cake. But when we realize this comes from a self centered perspective of exceptionalism it becomes clear evidence of an ego driven fallacy.

People of faith need others to abide by their beliefs not only philosophically but also through the same self hypnosis of their own religious faith. Believers continually try to run up their credentials when it comes to being the most devout. It’s like a competition to see who can accept the most ludicrous as fact and in doing so becomes credible proof of their faith. Religion says if the lord commands “2 plus 2 shall equal 5”, faith commands believers to accept it without question and force others to accept it. Otherwise their personal covenant with God is broken and they are damned.

“Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes.” ~~ Eddie Murphy

Atheists choose not to believe which makes what believers do in the name of their god appear even more dangerous despite their hollow assurances of morality. Believers may say they are doing it for the best of intentions but the result we see is them reveling in the cruelest of means. It becomes difficult to accept their claim of love while they are calling women whores for walking into an abortion clinic or condemning homosexuals as second class citizens.

In both of these cases, it has been observed the faithful would gladly murder these groups if give any kind of chance. They even admit they would murder and rape if it wasn’t for their holy scripture. Coincidentally they claim the source which prevents them from acting on their natural impulse to rape and kill also identifies the target groups they are not just allowed to rape and kill but commanded to persecute by their faith.

Around the world where religion is installed as the power of the state we see murders of these groups on a daily occurrence. We hear time and again this emotional infantile plea that religion makes these people feel good while ironically being oblivious to the fact they are admitting persecuting others is what makes them feel “closer to God”. This at the core of all the smoke and mirrors is their sincerely held belief. God’s authority allows them to smite the unbeliever.

Civil society tries to be open and allow them equal voice to declare “2 plus 2 equals 5” then when we can prove its really 4 they immediately cry persecution and demand their “sincere beliefs”  are respected. A religion which coincidentally also commands them to force their belief on others in order to “save them”. They never can grasp that we cannot have freedom of religion with freedom from religion. This is where religion stands as itself being a heresy against common reality.

Nobody says they personally can’t in their imagination count 4 as 5 but they won’t understand the rest of us don’t and won’t change our entire accounting system on their sincerely held belief. Where does THAT stop? Their petulant irrational displays of passion based on this faith fuels the reason they perceive persecution whenever the lifestyle choice can no longer be accommodated by modern society. It’s not hard to see how believers are so mentally conflicted with knowing they accept falsehoods as truth for personal mental comfort but admitting they can’t turn away as it would shatter the illusion. It is why evidence based understanding is a such the threat to them.

Believers should be more appreciative of atheists because we are trying to give them unbiased reporting from outside their bubble of imagination. If they really were concerned with pleasing their god they should be less offended and more thankful that their god allows them to see the error of their ways through others. But then that wouldn’t be “faith” now, would it?

In the final analysis, this lifestyle of faith intentionally denies our shared evidence based reality for the fantastical glory of their God. They proudly yell, sorry “testify” to your face at every opportunity how faith changes reality. Readily admitting the only reality they accept is ordained by their god and only fools accept reality at face value. This is where they admit to accepting any lie about God without proof but deny their faith is synonymous with gullibility.

Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.

How then can the rest of us accept or even trust the religious as peers when it comes to decision making and the legislation of law? Believers have painted themselves into this philosophical corner where a lie is a truth and those of us unwilling to play along are the gullible ones who can’t be trusted. This hail-Mary caveat unfortunately does not put them in any position to demand rights to any form of governance. It argues the opposite.

It has been civically irresponsible to allow people, who they themselves admit to flawed reasoning due to their faith, access to participation in a democratic process. To them we are all fools for not believing their lie. It is reprehensible that beliefs as this are treated as harmless opinion when it should be chastised as the dangerously willful ignorance it demonstrates time and again. Consider that believers have already demonstrated they have problems understanding moral judgement in their lives. Isn’t it why they turn to faith based belief systems for guidance?

Is it not the fool who denies faith?

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